Other Services

Therapeutic Massage for:

• Cancer Patients
• Sports and Fitness
• Infant
• Healthy Aging, “Feeling good at any age”
• Repetitive Strain Injuries
• Pain Management
• Reflexology
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Cupping Therapy


• BioFreeze with Ilex. Relieves pain by using cold therapy. This long lasting, deep penetrating pain relief can last up to several hours. Pain-free muscles heal faster.
• Hot Packs
• Cold Packs
• Metagenics, Inc.- Pharmaceutical grade nutritional products.
• Integrative Therapeutics- Pharmaceutical grade nutritional products.
• Advanced Naturals- Pharmaceutical grade digestive health products.
• Core Cervical Pillows
• Core Cervical Collars
• Jobst Compression and Custom Stockings and Sleeves
• Juzo Compression Stockings